Ways To Make Your Journey To College Better

College is about finding out who you really are and what you want to do for the rest of your life. If you think that High School does that enough, you clearly haven’t got a clue on what College is about to do for you. College is generally the years of your life that you’re going to remember the most, as it’s also going to be what shapes the entirety of your career. By choosing the wrong course, or even the wrong school, it could potentially make you waste necessary time you could be spending building on yourself. This is where college consultants come in the picture. The purpose of a college consultant is that they help you find which school and which course is best for you. College consultants have the desired knowledge with certain courses and schools, which is how they know exactly how to help you in achieving both your dream school and dream university.

By hiring a college consultant, you’d be having an external source as a form of help in getting the needed grades and average to get into the school you aspire for. College consultants also know which extra curricular activities would boost your profile so you’d be more desirable upon consideration if a college should get you or not. This is also one of the reasons why extra curricular activities are always a good idea to join, whether you’re sure it’s your interest or not. Even if it isn’t your interest, it displays determination and drive from your part, which colleges go for. It’s these kinds of things that your college consultant would definitely know about.

Lastly, your college consultant also further opens your eyes on the courses that are fit for you. They could also act as an advisor if you’re unsure on what career path to take as they ask you about your interests, dislikes, and what subjects you find you’re naturally good at. Your college consults can also be the key to finding the career path for you if you’re still unsure of what the future holds. If you find you’re interested in hiring one, Ivy Select is a great platform to hire one. WIth Ivy Select, you could get into the college of your dreams with the career you foresee for yourself. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a college consultant. After all, the future is scary and we need that kind of guide with our college life.… Read the rest

Your Dental and Oral Health and Hygiene Are a Top Priority

Your dental and oral health and hygiene are a top priority to you. And, if you have kids and other family members in need of dental care, you also want to know they are in the best hands possible. For those in El Paso looking for the top dental team, you are going to find it with the team at soldentalcare.com. No matter what type of dental work you need done, what age the patient is, or what specialized care you are hoping to receive, there is a dedicated staff of specialists ready to provide the highest levels of dental care possible. 

Service when you need

You never know when a crown or bridge is going to come out, or when your child is going to chip a tooth. Therefore, you need to choose a dental office that offers weekend services, as well as emergency care, right? With soldentalcare.com, you have both of these options. You are busy during the week and simply can’t take time off work, the office will see you for a weekend visit. Or, if you chip a tooth overnight and can’t bear the pain over a long weekend, you also have a team in place to perform emergency care and place a partial filler until the offices open on Monday morning. No matter when, or what type of treatment you require, Sol Dental is there to provide it. 

Dental care for all patients

The office is well-equipped with the latest dental technologies and equipment. With new x ray equipment, and screening equipment, we can show you what type of work we’ll do, and give you an idea of the outcome, before we begin a treatment plan. We have

  • General dentists and hygienists
  • Orthodontic and invisalign specialists
  • Oral surgeons
  • Pediatric dentists
  • Whitening specialists

We offer all types of care, for patients of all ages in our office. So, you never have to worry about who is going to be performing the dental work you need completed, as we have the top dental specialists in El Paso working to ensure the highest level of care when you visit our office. 

If you are interested in learning more about the office, our dental team, or the type of treatment we offer, check out soldentalcare.com today. We are here when you need us, whether that is during the week, for a weekend visit, or for an emergency that just can’t wait until the next work day. … Read the rest

Is Getting A Small Business Loan A good Idea If My Business Is Struggling

The process of applying for a business loan can seem just about as daunting as, well, applying to college or cooking a seven-course gourmet dinner. However, as with many other aspects of life that can become more overwhelming than they need to be, finding a lender for a small business loan on Working-Capital.com is actually pretty easy. Just take a deep breath, follow these very manageable steps and you will get the funds you need before you know it.


It probably goes without saying, but you must understand why you need this, exactly how much you require and what ways you will be using the money before you can apply for the loan on Working-Capital.com. The reasons that many entrepreneurs seek loans include but are not limited to the following:

• Launching a new business;

• Buying an existing business or franchise;

• Obtaining day-to-day working capital

• Expanding the business;

• Dealing with emergencies;

• Purchasing equipment or inventory;

• Financing debt.

Next, figure out the minimum you can borrow to meet these needs. This requires that you have thorough knowledge of all of your debts, revenue and expenses.


Since companies come in all sizes and have a wide variety of needs, it stands to reason that there are several types of business loans that have been tailored to meet each and every one. These include the following:

• Bank loans with usually lower fixed payments over a set time period, more complex application process and weeks or even months before you can access your cash;

• SBA loans from federally-sponsored lenders with complex application process but often flexible on how you can use your cash;

• Medium-term loans with terms of one to five years with higher rates than bank or SBA loans but often more practical;

• Short-term loans with repayment usually less than two years, high APRs but very convenient and often same-day approval;

• Business lines of credit in which you only pay interest on the amount of your credit line that you actually use;

• Equipment financing;

• Invoice financing based on receiving cash from your outstanding invoices now;

• Merchant cash advances based on your future credit card sales and have very high associated costs.

As you peruse your various loan options, keep an eye out for surprise fees, and only consider lenders that have been accredited in the United States.


Whether you apply to a bank or to a nontraditional lender, you should have your financial house in order. Even if lenders do not request every piece of information, have the following organized and available:

• Up-to-date credit score;

• Profit and loss statement

• Annual revenue;

• Time in business;

Balance sheet;

• Federal and state tax returns;

• Average bank balance.

Once you have collected all of this paperwork, you can move forward.


Now that you have laid all of the preliminary groundwork, it’s time to actually apply. Resist the impulse to try for several loans at the same time since each lender’s search into your credit accounts will cause your score to temporarily dip a few points. Once the lender approves your application, it will enter the underwriting stage in which your documents will be checked. If you pass, the lender will give you an agreement to sign. Read through it line by line, asking any questions and scrutinizing the verbiage for any hidden fees.

If, after reading the document, you believe that you can make timely payments and you have … Read the rest