Top 5 Benefits of SMS Marketing for Businesses

SMS marketing, also referred to as text message marketing, is an underrated but very effective approach for businesses to connect with their customers. Some business owners are doubtful of the productivity of SMS texting as a promotional strategy. But in actuality, the best text message marketing services can deliver a lot of value.

Why You Should Make Use of SMS Marketing

This mode of reaching current and potential customers is becoming a more and more important element of successful multi-channel marketing nowadays. And that’s because of the multiple advantages it brings to the table. This includes the following.

1) High Engagement

Simply told, text message marketing has the highest level of engagement of any advertising tool. While emails can sit unopened for days, text messages are viewed within the first three minutes of getting them, and this happens 90% of the time.

2) Interactivity

With a shortcode or keyword in your adverts as well as social media, you can encourage your customers to take the initiative. Customers who are familiar with a brand’s code and keyword are more inclined to interact and respond as a result of this technique.

3) Simplicity

The brevity of SMS marketing, for both the marketer and the customer, is a big selling point. Typically, SMS messages are only one or two sentences long. They are also less invasive than web pop-ups or phone calls because they can be read in the receiver’s free time.

4) External Channel Integration

Within the marketing process, it’s critical that all channels, including SMS, operate well together. SMS is an excellent stand-alone channel, but it can also be used to supplement and assist other marketing channels like social media and email.

5) Cost-Efficiency

SMS marketing is especially beneficial to small businesses because it is cost-effective. It is significantly less expensive to send an SMS message than it is to place a full ad before a prospective client. Services allow you to send messages for as little as a few cents for each message.

How To Start Working with SMS Marketing

Now that you know what this promotional tool can give you, you might be wondering about the next step. How do you get started? And the answer is simple: find the right service provider.

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How Do I Take Credit Card Payments On My Phone?

Nowadays, it seems like we do everything with our phones. If you own a small business or sell merchandise, you might be wondering how you can use your phone to accept credit card payments. Well, you’re in luck because today it’s easier than ever to accept credit card payments with your phone.

Why use mobile credit card processing?

There are many reasons you might want to set up payment processing on your phone. Maybe you own a food truck or sell at arts and crafts conventions, and need to be able to easily accept credit card payments on the go. Or maybe you’re in direct sales or another mobile business and want to offer non-cash options to your customers.

Either way, being able to process credit cards using your phone is invaluable to any small business. More and more, consumers are leaning toward card payments and away from cash on hand. Mobile payment processing can open up a world of income for you and your business.

How do I accept payments with my phone?

In order to receive credit card payments through your phone, you will need a credit card reader. The reader will attach to your phone and allow you to swipe customers’ cards to easily get their information. There are many choices out there, but a great option is to get this credit card reader for your phone.

After you swipe the card, you will then need a payment service provider to complete the transaction. This service will check with the customer’s bank to approve the payment and transfer the funds to your account if the payment is approved. If not, the sale will be declined.

And then voila! You’ve just made a sale and used your phone to accept credit card payments. How easy was that?

Other things to consider

You’ll want to do your research and check out the different fees and terms that the various payment service providers offer. Low fees are great, but also make sure you’re able to get all the services that you need for your specific business.

You can also look into setting up a merchant account, which is another way to accept credit card payments. However, using a payment service provider is often easier if you’re just starting out.

Your options for payment processing tools and software are endless, but make sure you use the best. Get this credit card reader for your phone to start accepting payments quickly and easily today.
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