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4 Responsibilities You Can Expect From A Caregiver

Caregiving duties may vary from one individual to another, but the kind of responsibilities they may have will be more or less the same.

With 24 Hour Caregivers, you can expect top-notch caregiving assistance that includes the following:

1. Companionship and Supervision

One of the most important responsibilities of a caregiver is to provide constant supervision, monitoring and companionship. The older we get, the less we can do and the more we have to rely on someone to help us even with the most basic home tasks.

An elderly will need a caregiver to get changed into a fresh set of clothes in the morning, direct them where to go and find the things they’re looking for.

2. Preparing Food

A caregiver must be well-rounded in that they can prepare food not just by cooking, but being able to shop for ingredients, arrange food items and feed his or her charge. Moreover, the responsibility extends to cleaning up the table and washing the dishes. In some cases, the caregiver can set up a weekly meal plan that covers all the nutrients their charge needs to stay healthy.

3. General Care

Health is a vital part that must be kept under constant monitoring. Older people and their family members will want the caregiver to understand what kind of things they will need on a day to day basis.

A caregiver will be responsible in making sure that their charge is taking the right kind of medicine at the right dose and at the right time. As the elderly eventually experience cognitive decline they will have to rely on a caregiver in terms of prescriptions and keeping medical appointments.

4. Getting Around

Last but not the least, a caregiver should be able to help with mobility issues by always being present and providing aids such as a walking stick, a wheelchair or a hand. Sometimes, the charge may want to go outdoors to enjoy the sun or to have a trip around the neighborhood park.

This responsibility carries to helping the elderly enter a vehicle on long-distance trips and making sure they go out the car safely.

You can count on 24 Hour Caregivers to be responsible and provide all the help you or a family member will need, e.g., food preparation, getting around, general care and supervision. As all these duties are essential, you will want to go over the guidelines and adjust them as necessary.… Read the rest